Rapid Dual offers a TX drive and hex drive for better force transmission.



1 | Head geometryRapid Dual Details

  • Patented cone underneath head for optimum centring when washer are used
  • Head rests flat on metal with 90° screw connection
  • Better force transmission with hex drive possible
  • The commercially available TX drive saves you time-consuming tool change

2 | Friction part

The friction part reduces screwing resistance.

3 | Thread

Sharp rolled thread flanks for minimized blast effect and fast screwing-in.

4 | Tip

  • 35° tip for fast bite
  • No pre-drilling required

| Available sizes

Rapid® Dual are available in 8 x 50 to 12 x 400 mm.

Additional information

Head Geometry

Shank Geometry

Thread Geometry

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