Sherpa CS Series

Connectors for timber attachments to concrete and steel elements.




The abbreviation ‘CS’ stands for ‘concrete & steel’.
The applications SHERPA connectors CS range from connections in timber engineering through connections to other materials such as steel or concrete.
The mature and tested SHERPA connection technology permits efficient & competitive planning and execution of demanding tasks throughout the construction industry.
The wide range of products facilitates the creation of a tailor-made, secure and efficient solution for any task.

The high level of prefabrication and the rapid assembly of these standardized connectors guarantee economic implementation of the most varied projects.

SHERPA connectors can either be screwed on with respect to the flat dimension, or mounted such that they remain invisible. For an invisible connection, it is necessary to mill the connector in, at either the main beam or the supporting beam. This can be done with the help of a manually operated router. Alternatively, it can be done with the help of a cutting centre and a CNC machine.

In order to facilitate a smooth assembly process, it is recommended that the connector not be milled in completely. Details can be found in the assembly instructions.

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