T-Lift lifting assembly is used for safely lifting timber elements.



1 | Head geometryT-Lift Detail

Dual head SW 17 (and T40) offers flexible screw connection.
Reinforced lower head area with optimum fit for reliable power transmission.

2 | Thread

Sharp rolled thread flanks for minimized blast effect, fast screwing-in and very high pull-out values

3 | Tip

Patented compactor tip:

  • Quicker bite for reduced fastening torque
  • Reduced split effect
  • No pre-drilling required

4 | T-Lift hoist

Reliable power transmission due to the optimum fit of the RAPID® T-Lift screw head with reinforced lower head in T-Lift hoist.

| Available sizes

RAPID® T-Lift are available as 12 x 120/100 mm and 12 x 160/144 mm.

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Head Geometry

Thread Geometry

Tip Geometry

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