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Tie in Timber is your supplier of timber screws and beam hangers. We carry superior Schmid Screw fasteners from Austria and the unsurpassed Sherpa form fitting beam connectors.

This is the hardware helping you to deliver beautiful and efficient Log Homes, Timber Frames and Mass Timber Structures.

With the industry moving towards prefabricated elements the need for connections able to be installed in the safe and controlled shop environment is growing. Sherpa connectors for post/beam, CLT wall/wall and wall/floor connections can easily be installed before the elements are shipped to site. Schmid Screws offers a wide range of fasteners for connecting timber to timber and steel to timber to as well as for lifting the timber on site into place.

With those brands you will be well set for your next project.

Have a look through our range of products and feel free to reach out with any questions you might have regarding our supply.

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