RAPID® Hardwood

Rapid Hardwood can be inserted into hardwood without predrilling.



1 | Head geometryRapid Hardwood Screw Detail

Underhead milling mockets for optimal countersink:

  • Smooth
  • Gentle on material
  • Also ideal for fittings

2 | Straight friction part

The new optimized friction section considerably reduces screw resistance:

  • Less force required when screwing in
  • Fast screwing
  • Improved battery life of the drill/driver unit

3 | Thread

Single thread:

  • Minimized blast effect
  • Improved pull-out values
  • Quicker screwing

4 | Tip

New improved patented compression tip:

  • Improved bite in of the screw
  • Lower splitting effect

| Available sizes

RAPID® Hardwood are available in 8 x 120 to 8 x 240 mm.

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Head Geometry

Shank Geometry

Thread Geometry

Tip Geometry

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